What to Expect From a Washroom Refurbishment

What to Expect From a Washroom Refurbishment

If you are thinking about washroom refurbishment, you need to know what to expect from the project. There are some important things to remember that can help you get the job done right. Here are some of them:

Ensure compliance with access guidelines

When you renovate a washroom, it is important to ensure that you comply with access guidelines. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides a framework for making the built environment accessible to people with disabilities. It applies to public facilities, private accommodations, and state and local government buildings.

The ADA requires that all facilities be compliant with accessibility standards. These standards must be applied to every aspect of a facility. Whether you are refurbishing a bathroom or a whole room, you must ensure that all areas are ADA-accessible. If your bathroom is not ADA-compliant, you may face a lawsuit. To prevent this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the requirements before you start any work.

In addition to meeting ADA requirements, you must also meet certain requirements for your alterations. This includes the design of the room’s doorways. Doorways must be at least 32 inches wide and open at 90 degrees. You must also ensure that the floor is clear enough so that a wheelchair can pass through.

Introduce new and water-saving technology

There are many ways to save water in your home, and the latest technology in toilets and faucets is a good place to start. For instance, you can use an inexpensive save-a-flush bag for the bathroom, and it may just be the easiest way to save a few gallons.

The same is true of showers. You can save money by installing a low-flow showerhead. Likewise, you can reduce your energy bill by installing a heated towel rack. Lastly, you can reduce your indoor water bill by installing a low-flow faucet. Aside from saving you money, it also helps save the planet.

If you’re remodeling or building a new home, be sure to check out the latest in greenwashing technologies. The EPA offers a handy website where you can measure up a variety of water-saving gadgets. While it’s tempting to try to save money by going with a cheap option, you’ll be much better off if you invest in quality fixtures from reputable manufacturers.

Finishing touches set a good job apart

Finishing touches are important for every room of your house, but it is especially true for your bathroom. Bathrooms should be relaxing and comfortable spaces, and the right finishing touches can make your bathroom stand out from the rest. It’s easy to find some great finishing touches at discount home goods stores or mail order companies. However, it’s also important to have a budget set aside for these items.

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