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    Colab is a membership club that brings people together who share the need for a place to conduct their business in an interactive space.

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    At Colab, we’re more than just a coworking space, we’re a COMMUNITY!

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    All you have to do is choose how you work best and what type of space your business needs…


We offer creative, flexible co-working spaces and know that a business needs more than just a stylish work space to succeed.

Whether you need some alone time away from the home office, or are looking for the ideal business meeting venue, Colab has your bases covered.

Large open collaborative coworking areas. Located in the heart of Detroit. A perfect place to start your journey.

The modern offices will have beautiful common spaces, including a kitchen and hangout spot that come fully furnished so you won’t have to worry about putting together all of that IKEA furniture, setting up a network, or security.

The best part? Colab is a collaborative environment where ideas blossom and turn into shared success. Now you’re likely to see coworking appear in some unexpected places, mostly embedded within existing larger ecosystems.

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We are a community of entrepreneurs with coworking spaces in Detroit.

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